Lessons about React, Keyboard Input, Forms, Event Listeners and Debugging

Keyboard Controls

document.body.addEventListener('keydown', handleKey);

Yesterday’s Bug

keyHandler = event => {

// Respond to the input

The Problem

A screenshot of my tetris app’s game over screen. There is a form to input a nickname and submit score to the leaderboard.
My leaderboard form. Typing in the nickname field had no effect.
function LeaderboardForm(props) {
const [nickname, setNickname] = useState('');


return (
<input value={nickname} onChange={setNickname} />

export default LeaderboardForm;

The Fix

useEffect(() => {
if (props.playing) {
document.body.addEventListener('keydown', props.keyHandler);
} else {
document.body.removeEventListener('keydown', props.keyHandler);
}, [props.playing, props.keyHandler]);

Consider Every Case

Lessons Learned



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